CareerNet provides educational support to bridge the gaps and help the improvement process by providing courses and qualifications programs and coaching across related areas of interest as determined by customers’ needs and learner’s requirements. In accordance with the focus on people’s activities and needs. These areas include delivering courses and approved high- quality qualifications with the support of international partners, conducting vocational training programs and designing training programs according to customers needs. In order to enhance the effectiveness of the services we implement, we conduct a quality check and evaluation exercises as mentioned in the below sections. Take a look at the courses and qualifications services we provide and see what it is like to study with CareerNet. This could be the beginning of a road that will change your entire life.


Bespoke or time tested and modern, courses to develop professionals entry level to senior management.

We begin with international standards and modify to suit local standards as determined by local agencies.

Your learning and that of your students and employees certified by independent, world class education organizations. Our strategy seeks results by your definition of success.