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Welcome to CareerNet, a true career network, that brings together world class partners in training, education and real job solutions for individuals, corporations, agencies and educators seeking solutions to the advancement of the most valuable resource, people.

A place where enterprises come to discover and select
pathways for retention, eduction and training solutions.

Global Qualifications

World Class Assessments matched with modern training and teaching techniques.
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World Class Training

Train Teachers, Train Trainers, Students and employees. 
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Education Solutions

National, Regional, Local. Bespoke solutions to match academic and performance goals for schools, corporations and nations.
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Modern Certification

A global network where objective statements of an individual's learning, development and career progression can now be easily framed, captured and communicated, with trust.
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Work Skills

Meaningful, internationally accepted work skills, requested by employers seeking new hires and in support of existing employees.
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Career Pathways

What do you want to do? How high do you want to go? Select a creer, earn the skills, apply for opportunities - here at CareerNet
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Bringing out the talent within

Nurture the talent you have - grow the value of your people.

Talent. Bring it to the fore and you have created value. In yourself, for your business, for a nation. Which skills need developing? What is your purpose and strategy? Deploy CareerNet’s bespoke solutions and achieve results you desire.

Become a content partner. Together we can educate the World

Bring your training and education content to CareerNet. Our expert certification partners and global network do the rest.

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We imagined a true career focused network that supports motivated people from any background during the life time of their careers. CareerNet was built carefully, over time for you. Join us today.

Established in 1994, CareerNet have been delivering educational and consulting services, online and on-campus for young adults and professionals seeking academic, vocational and management advancement, and world class industry focused accreditation and certification.

CareerNet along with its partners are educators of students at many levels K-1 through K12, to professional and vocational entry level to senior management. We educate in many parts of the world.

Our partners share our passion and mission, to provide world class education to the next generation of global citizens and leaders.

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